Photography is my drug and my relaxation. Sometimes I go with someplace specific in mind but mostly I just walk around at random with my eyes open as much as I can. Spotting something promising, shooting it and then editing it towards the rough idea in my head is total bliss.

Most of what I do and like enough end up on one of the Instagram accounts, and some of it on Tumblr. I'm toying around with services like 500px, but nothing official yet. I'm pondering the idea of opening a Tictail store for prints, since people tend to ask for those. We'll see.

When I moved to Stockholm in the spring of 2000 I googlemapped all the buildings and places of architectural interest I wanted to visit and document one way or another. Friends started asking me if I could share that map, so I did and this little project started to grow.


Insta / @hans_g

My personal account - high and low.

There's been a few iterations and experiments since then, with sites and such. Even on Pinterest for a while (but... no). At the moment this account is where architecture, urbanity, street art and stuff like that go. And I still have hundreds of places to go on that map.

© 2017 by Hans G Andersson

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